1. What will the drone actually do?
    The drone will capture high definition aerial video and photographs, including from unique and inaccessible locations.

  2. Are your services expensive?
    We think you will be pleasantly surprised that our services are reasonably priced and cost from as little as £75.

  3. Is it safe?
    Safety is very important to us so we operate legally, professionally and responsibly at all times.

  4. Is it legal?
    We are fully approved to operate drones on a commercial basis by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

  5. What video and photograph formats do you use?
    We can try to meet your requirements but certainly we can provide JPEG, RAW, JPEG+RAW photographs and MOV or MPEG4 videos up to 4K definition.
  6. Are you qualified?
    Our operators are all qualified, authorised and insured to fly drones for commercial purposes.

  7. What area do you cover?
    We are based in and cover the East Midlands, including Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Northampton, Derby and Cambridge.

  8. How  high can you operate?
    We can fly to a height of 400 feet which is the maximum legal height for drone operations.

  9. How far away can you fly?
    The drones we fly can travel considerable distances but we comply with the legal requirement  that our operators must be able to see the drone at all times.

  10. Do you need good weather?
    Realistically yes and in any event photography in poor weather in not practical.

  11. Can you fly at night?
    At the present time we do not operate during darkness for safety reasons.

  12. Can you fly anywhere?
    Before we undertake any work we will always check that we are operating where it is legal and safe. If necessary we will seek permission to fly from an appropriate authority, such as when operating near an airport or other restricted airspace.

  13. Can you fly indoors?
    Yes in some circumstances we can, such as when photographing the inside  of warehouses, manufacturing facilities  and other similar buildings.